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Duffy a 1965 Riley Elf

Duffy is a 1965 Riley Elf Mark 2 bought by club member Gordon Bradford, in 2017.

It looked like a nice tidy car, see the original Sale photo with the roof rack on it.

The clutch was not working at the time of purchase due to the clutch release bearing having exploded, BALLS were found in the bottom of the "bell housing". The clutch was replaced and a small hole found at the bottom of the FOS wheel arch, repairs to this were rather difficult as sound metal could not be found to weld to.

A whole new floor was welded in which meant the car underwent a full restoration.

The rebuild is documented here.

1965 Riley Elf Mk 11 DUF 203C

“DUFFY” is a 1965 Riley Elf Mk 11, she was built on 7th July 1965, this makes her 58 years old! She is one of only 8 running cars of that year. She was sold by Brittain’s Ltd, Brighton, being registered on 16th September ‘65. This car was originally Birch Grey with an Old English White roof, she had a 38 bhp 998cc A Series engine, with a dynamo and positive earth electrical system, a 4 speed, 3 synchromesh gearbox, drum brakes all round, running on 10”wheels and hydrolastic suspension.

The car has restored at least twice in her life time, the first time believed to be in 1995, this date was found on a label on the back of one of the repair panels.

During her lifetime the car has been modified, she has now been fitted with a 62 bhp 1275cc A+ engine, with an alternator and negative earth electrical system, a 4 speed all synchromesh gear box, these are from a 1989 Austin Metro. The brakes have been upgraded to 4 pot Calipers on ventilated discs and she now sits on 12” wheels with 165/60R12 tyres. The hydrolastic suspension having been changed to dry rubber suspension, with HiLo adjustable platforms on the front.

The car was purchased in 2017 by her current owner and has undergone restoration. A small hole was found at the bottom of the offside front wheel well, but whilst trying to get back to good clean metal, it was obvious that major work was required.

A whole new floor assembly was welded in with various other repair panels. Her paintwork was in reasonable condition, but due to the welding work, her lower sections needed repainting. She has been given a nice new paint job and she is now in Old English White, with a black roof. Her interior was rather untidy so she has been given a set of new red carpets and new burgundy interior trim panels. She has also been given a new Cream Crackle Headlining. Prior to purchase a previous owner had had the seats retrimmed in burgundy leather. For safety’s sake, the original toughened glass windscreen has been replaced with a tinted laminated windscreen, she has also been fitted with inertia reel Lap & Diagonal seat belts, the build of the car can be found at:-

The braking system has been completely renewed and also been fitted with a servo, this has been mounted under the dash as space under the bonnet is rather tight. Also due to lack of space under the bonnet, the horn, an air horn, has been mounted under the OSF wing, the screen wash reservoir has also been relocated into the boot. The wiper motor has also been changed from a single speed unit to a twin speed motor.

The standard instrumentation has been modified, she originally had a speedometer which contained the fuel gauge, a water temperature gauge and an oil pressure gauge. The Water Temperature gauge has been changed for a dual Oil Pressure/Water Temperature gauge whilst the redundant space has been filled with a 52mm Tachometer. Hidden away in the glove box is a voltmeter a 12v socket and USB sockets (definitely not very 1960s!) for a mobile phone and a Dash Cam.

She has also been adapted to allow the fitment to an A frame so she can be towed behind the owners MotorHome.

A shot of the interior of Duffy

Another interior shot

The drivers seat

under the bonnet

The carpeted boot

The brackets either side of the number plate are to allow Duffy to be towed behind my MotorHome.


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