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Marshals tale from the RAC

Just returned from a great day out marshalling on this year's RAC!

Early start at 4am, waste of time going to bed, for me, since I am usually up until 1am watching Wheeler Dealers.

We eventually found the Start of SS29, not a good start for my new assistant Kenny, (he must have thought, what have I got myself into) where we were running the first arrival of the day. Road works and traffic jams meant some of the competitors were late in arriving.

Unfortunately Phil and Chris were one of the crews running last on the road and having the sweeper car breathing down their backs.

With assistance from yours truly (held door open for Chris) they took off at high speed and managed to complete the stage successfully.

We had about 116 cars through the control before we moved to our second location at junction 13 on Stage 33 The Big One, spectator control this time.

I gave the spectators a laugh by falling in a ditch and crawling up the bank side to safety.

After saying all that it was a great afternoon with some great action from the competitors and the noise that Stratos makes is unbelievable !!!!

Weather was kind, did not rain All Day as forecast, but was very cold.

Thanks to all organisers and Stage Commanders who did a fantastic job putting on a great event (with nice give aways to the marshals).

Roll on Le Jog on 4th December and any help would be appreciated on our new event at Lambton.

Stay Safe



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